ERC20 Token Builder

Using this form you can deploy a simple ERC20 Token with Fixed Supply without any programming skills.

It will be named (Token Name) and have a Fixed Supply of 100.000.000 (Symbol) immediately available at your account.

Our service fee is: 0.05 ETH
Estimated network fees:

(with average gas price in GWei confirmation time is min)

Total cost:

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Can I create ERC20 on Testnet first?

Sure! Along with Mainnet, we also have our contracts deployed on all major Ethereum Testnets: Ropsten, Rinkeby, Goerli, Kovan. You just need to switch the network in MetaMask, and the rest will work out of the box.

What will happen after I press Deploy?

The transaction that deploys your ERC20 token will be prepared for you to submit - you just have to approve it with MetaMask. Then, depending on Ethereum network conditions and gas usage - you will have to wait sometime until it gets mined. You will get a transaction hash in the meantime - that you can follow on Etherscan. After it gets confirmed by network - you will get an address of your newly deployed token and a button to add it to MetaMask tokens list.

Why do I have to wait?

Ethereum is a decentralized network that works in such a way that all transactions must be "caught" and saved to the blockchain by miners. Usually paying a higher network gas fees motivate miners to prioritize your transaction among the others. Here on coinstructor we use a high gas price as a default, but because the amount of gas required for deploy is very low compared to competitors - you still save a lot and your total costs are still exceptionally low.

What happens if I close the window without waiting for transaction to be mined?

It's better not to. You should wait until your deployed token address to appear - and save it. If by any case you closed the window and want to find your ERC20 address - you still can find a transaction in Metamask, go to Etherscan, Logs - and there you will find the address at newERC20Address field. We're already working on a Manage dashboard where you can see all your tokens and interact with them.

Why does your deployed contract bytecode look so strange? Is it a scam?

Relax. This is exactly where the gas-optimization magic is. To read more about it - see How It Works page.

Why my MetaMask says I need to pay $3000 in gas? You said it was cheap!

This happens when the transaction is gonna revert for some reason. Please check if you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay 0.05 ETH fee and a little bit extra for gas. If you still have this problem - please contact us, describing the details of your transaction (paste the DATA field from MetaMask transaction window). Also if you were initially connected with a different MetaMask account that doesn't have funds and have switched it to a different one - you might still need to check if it's "Connected" in Metamask.

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