How it Works

Our service uses EIP-1167 Minimal Proxy pattern with Vanity optimizations to make huge savings on gas.

The example of the MinimalProxy contract bytecode on the blockchain looks like this:


And this might confuse some users, because the code doesn't look like regular ERC20 code - it's just too short for that! But that's where the magic is.

So instead of deploying the full ERC20 code over and over again - it deploys only a small contract, that has its own storage (all the parameters that you put in, and balances, etc), and redirects all functions to the singleton implementation contract that is deployed separately on a short Vanity address, and this implementation is shared by all contracts.

This allows to save a lot of gas for deployment, because the proxy code is just 41 bytes, and the full contract is over 2000 bytes. And it doesn't affect the functionality at all - adding just a breadcrumbs of gas on every transaction (around 750 gas, which is cents, even with high gas prices).

Our Factory uses the original EIP-1167 CloneFactory16 implementation

for createClone, which works only with Vanity addresses. Vanity address is a specially generated address with leading zeros, so the code is shorter and requires even less gas. Although Etherscan already supports the regular MinimalProxy, allowing you to see the code of contract it points to (, but currently it doesn't support it's Vanity variation, although the code differs by just a couple of bytes (it uses PUSH16, instead of PUSH20 for the address, because it's short).

So, the code above points to


address with the basic ERC20 implementation. As you can see, the address has 8 leading zeros in the beginning, but there are no leading zeros in the code - which saves us 4 bytes.

All of the contracts source code is verified and available on Etherscan.

Here are the addresses of our contracts on different Ethereum Networks:

Simple ERC20 FixedSupply Implementation Addresses

MainNet Ropsten Rinkeby Goerli




Coinstructor CloneFactory Addresses











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